Vehicle Team Voltron

The Second Series Voltron

This version of Voltron is entirely different from the old version. The Voltron force here consist of fifteen members, divided into three teams of five. The teams are Land, Sea and Air teams and each team specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. 


The Yellow Lion

I just want to continue this Voltron lowpoly collection because it is not complete. Before I left Philippines I forgot to continue this collection. Now is the time to finish it. Next week the blog will be all about Voltron. After I finish this collection I will begin a new lowpoly collection blog.


The Night Stalker

Balanar is a good initiator and a notorious ganker in Dota 2. He is feared especially in the night because he moves so fast enabling him to kill his enemies easily. If Balanar has a good set of items and if he is equipped with Aghanim's Scepter his vision in during night time is increased allowing him to follow his prey easily and kill him on an instant.


The Butcher

The Butcher is a flexible gank hero and he can be lethal both in early and late game. His tanky nature is very useful during team fights and his sneaky skill can lead to an instant kill on the game . This melee strength hero can kill on his own because of his set of skills: 



Silencer is a good support intelligence hero. This hero can disable all the enemy skills during clash which is very useful if the user is really skilled. He is a counter on every hero in Dota 2 and a good support during team fights.