The Night Stalker

Balanar is a good initiator and a notorious ganker in Dota 2. He is feared especially in the night because he moves so fast enabling him to kill his enemies easily. If Balanar has a good set of items and if he is equipped with Aghanim's Scepter his vision in during night time is increased allowing him to follow his prey easily and kill him on an instant.

Void & Crippling Fear

Let us check his skill set starting from his first skill. This skill slows the enemy and at the same time it deals damage to the target. This skill is one of the main reason why he is feared, slowing down the enemy so you can hit him a lot until the enemy dies. The Crippling Fear skill silences the enemy not allowing him to use his skills against Balanar. It's a useful skill both in escaping and hunting enemies.

Hunter in the night

This passive skill gives Balanar movement speed and attack speed. Allowing to hunt easily and kill the enemy instantly when doing hunting.


The Night Stalker summons instant darkness. While in this skill the enemy heroes, units, wards and buildings have their vision range reduced to 675. 

Desktop Wallpaper


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